Name: Rob Beaton
Age: 30
Location: Ocean Gate, NJ
Bass Experience: 12 years
Guitar Experience: 15 years
Total Years: 20+ years (including formal training)
Main Influences: Flea, Jamiroquai, Nirvana
Song List: [view now]

Joe Baracata Band: Top-40, party rock, Jersey rock covers. Played bass, backing vocals (sometimes 3-part). Occasionally guitar. Clubs played include Boathouse, 507 Main, Parker House, Marina Grille, O'Neill's, Columns, Caffrey's Tavern, and more.

The Epidemic: Top-40, party rock, hard rock, and hip-hop covers. Played bass, backing vocals. Clubs played include High Velocity, Quarter Deck, Old New York, Whiskey Bar, Headliner, Marina Grille, Aztec Sand Bar, Forked River House, Mulligan's Bar & Grill, Caffrey's Tavern, and more.

Jupiter Jones: Top-40 and hard rock covers. Played bass, backing vocals. Clubs played include High Velocity, Red Lion Tavern, and more.

Jr. Shab: Hard rock originals and covers. Played bass, backing vocals. Recorded and released A Fine Line Between Love and Disarray album. Clubs played include Green Room, Beach Haus, Forked River House, Tin Lizzy, Piranha Pub, Paradox, and more.

Misterhabit: Top-40 party rock covers. Played guitar, some backing vocals, and occasional substitute bassist. Clubs played include Bar Anticipation, Headliner, Leggett's, O'Neill's, Parkhill's, and more.

Studio projects: Various projects including Minimal Contact, The Riptides, and Five Alarm Funk.

Bass: Ibanez BTB1005 (5-string)
Amplifier: Gallien-Krueger 1001 RB
Cabinets: Gallien-Krueger 210RBH, 115RBH
Other Gear: Boss TU-2 tuner pedal, Shure UT4 wireless system, Monster Cables, Shure SM58 microphone, Shure P4HW wired in-ear monitors

Live and Promo: [view gallery now]

Jupiter Jones (bass/harmonies): I Don't Wanna Be
Jupiter Jones (bass/harmonies): If You Could Only See
The Epidemic (bass): Rebel Yell
The Epidemic (bass): Been Caught Stealing
Jr. Shab (bass): Love and Hate
Jr. Shab (bass): Shame
Five Alarm Funk (bass): Sample 1
Five Alarm Funk (bass): Sample 2

Seeking: Established Ocean/Monmouth/Jersey Shore cover band for fun and profit
Age Groups: 21-35
Genres: Top-40, party rock, hard rock, funk/disco
Performance Schedule: Twice a week or more, preferably weekends only
Practice Schedule: Preferably one day a week or less
Other: No drugs, please