About Robbie Reverb

Robbie Reverb and the Tiki Tones is a one-man instrumental surf rock act entertaining crowds on the Jersey Shore. Armed with a Fender Jaguar, Robbie Reverb provides beach-flavored ambiance to blah blah.

Why should I book Robbie Reverb?

Much like a jazz pianist enhances the atmosphere at an upscale restaurant, music from Robbie Reverb and the Tiki Tones enhances the carefree, beachy atmosphere of any waterfront bar, social event, or cocktail hour at a beach-themed wedding.

What kind of music will I expect to hear?

Robbie Reverb plays both traditional surf rock songs as well as modern, contemporary hits performed in a classic surf rock style. All songs are performed instrumentally on guitar along to pre-recorded band accompaniment.

Who are the Tiki Tones?

The so-called "Tiki Tones" are a pre-recorded virtual band that provide musical accompaniment for Robbie Reverb's live guitar performances. All parts of the musical accompaniment were performed and recorded by Robbie Reverb himself. Using a virtual band allows Robbie Reverb to operate as a one-man act and maintain full control over volume levels.